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Our Favourite Parks:

Cedar Point
Islands of Adventure
Busch  Gardens
Port Aventura
Europa Park


Travel and visit the best theme parks in the world

If you have been to the same theme park for years on end then why not consider visiting some other theme parks from all over the world, you can have a relaxing holiday and enjoy the thrillsof a theme park as well.

Best Theme Parks from around the world:

Busch  Gardens Europe, Virginia
Among the several theme parks Busch Gardens stands out not only because it has received numerous accolades for being the most beautiful and the most clean , well maintained park but also because of the conservationist idea that it promotes.

Port Aventura, Spain
Port Aventura is the largest resort in South Europe around which a whole tourism industry has flourished.

Europa Park, Germany
Have you ever travelled in the past? What about a conference with a gala dinner amidst the wild forest of Indonesia or in the medieval times?

Cedar Point, Ohio, United States
Is your life becoming a bit boring? Is your hectic professional schedule taking its toll making you yearn for some cool thrilling, chilling, adventure? Are you a family man with lots of kids, grand mom and granddad and looking forward to spend some quality moments with your family?

Islands of Adventure, Florida,  USA
Have you ever thought of web slinging spider man standing beside you and interacting with your kids? Have you ever dreamt what will happen to you if the wrath of The incredible Hulk unleashes upon you instead of The Abomination or The Electric Man?